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July 29, 2019
Our monthly look at some of the best first lines by BookLife authors

This month, we’ve got spilled coffee grounds, animal births at the apocalypse, and a cancer survivor’s story. To submit a first line, email us.


Devil in the Basement: White Supremacy, Satanic Ritual and My Family

Charlotte Laws

“Ironing was women’s work—except when it came to his Klan garb.”


By Violence Unavenged

Annette Young

“I first became aware of Imperial Austria and Dad’s curious association with it one pleasant summer afternoon in February 1921, when I was seven.”


How’s Your Prostate? A Cancer Survivor’s Candid Journey

Kenneth D. Michaels

“I spilled the coffee grounds, put jam on my cereal, and buttered the dog, all while trying to find Dr. Strong’s telephone number.”


Shard & Shield

Laura VanArendonk Baugh

“Ariana spotted Shianan Becknam in the traffic almost immediately, but she pretended to search a moment longer.”


The Tether

Julia Ash

“Animal births delivered mostly heartache at this stage of the apocalypse.”