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September 14, 2020
By Sarah Perchikoff
A nonprofit writing community offers support, tools, and camaraderie.

Sometimes you have writer’s block, or you're going through the dreaded burn out, and the only thing to get through it is talking about it with other writers or trying a new challenge. That’s exactly what the Writer’s Workout offers. We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit writing organization that works to help writers improve their craft through education, unique writing prompts, community, and our biannual Writer's Games.

The Games is a six-week competition during which writers from all over the world  get a prompt per week and have 72 hours to write their hearts out. Once they submit their entry, an unbiased group of judges read and give feedback to every single story. After judging, the winners of each event are announced and the winning stories end up published in our anthology, 72 Hours of Insanity. So not only do writers have the chance to be published, but they also get feedback on their writing whether they win or not. 

Oh, and did I mention there is no entry fee?! And there are prizes for the overall winners.

Even when the Writer’s Games is not going on, we have a great community of writers in our forum and in our Facebook group of 2,200 members!  We recognize that every writer brings their own unique style and experiences to their work and we’re here to help them hone their craft and have their voices heard in whatever way we can. Whether it be through advice, feedback on a story, or a few cute dog or cat pictures, we’re here to help. 
Throughout the year, we feature a number of additional ongoing activities. On Wednesday, we have prompts, Monday is for motivation, and Tuesdays are all about getting you thinking about your writing, your characters, and your process. 

Every few months, we also have a self-promo day so writers can promote their websites, books, short stories, poetry, or whatever they’ve put out into the world.
We also have a ton of new stuff coming this year and next year. We’re giving our writers even more chances to be published with our new literary journal, WayWords, starting Oct 1. We’ll also be introducing a new challenge (with a cash prize!), a subscription service, and a self-paced arcade-style game. 

We’ve also just opened our store on Teespring for all Writer’s Workout and Games merchandise you could ever want. 

If you’re looking for a new writing group or a way to challenge yourself and your writing, the Writer’s Workout would be happy to have you. Come join us! We promise we’re much more fun than the gym and we’re always changing things up so you’ll never get bored.

Sarah Perchikoff is a writer, beta reader, and the Director of Brand at the Writer's Workout. She loves reading more than one book at once, overeating french fries, and watching too much television. She lives in Michigan with her miniature dachshund, Gracie.