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May 6, 2024
By Juliana Leamen
Adding a few extras can attract—and maintain—readers.
Bonuses are a wonderful way to connect with your readers beyond the pages of your book, but deciding on the perfect bonuses can be challenging.
When first crafting my bonuses, I wanted readers to feel that they were receiving extra value, in exchange for their email address, without giving the impression that something was missing from the book itself. The best way I have found is to have your book be the complete solution to a problem and create a bonus that helps readers overcome the next logical step that will arise.
How to decide on the perfect book bonus 
My book, Release: A Woman’s Guide to Releasing Weight in Midlife Through Becoming Your Body’s Best Friend, was written for women in midlife to read before their next diet. The complete solution my book provides is a framework for readers to manage their emotions when dieting, rebuild a loving relationship with their bodies, and set them up for success, no matter what dietary strategy they decide to follow. In my case, the next logical step is the implementation of such concepts, as I did not want my book to be added to someone’s “shelf-help” pile of books.
"When crafting my book bonuses, I had the main goal of converting potential readers into my email list even before they purchased my book."
To accomplish this, I split my bonus into a bonus collection, with one bonus per chapter. As readers learn the why and the what by reading my book, my bonus collection helps them implement the how in a more interactive way. The main question to ask yourself, as you contemplate the perfect bonus for your book, is “what is the very next problem my reader will need to solve once they finish reading my book?” As you write down some ideas, look for ones that you can provide a complete solution to. It is best to pick a narrow idea and overdeliver than a broad idea and only offer superficial value.
Types of bonuses and how to deliver them
I am a believer in catering to the various learning styles, so I made sure to craft my bonuses in a variety of ways. I included an audio training, short videos, an e-book, and a curated podcast playlist, as well as a printable affirmations sheet, which I had hand-designed by a female artist, inspired by a chapter of my book. If you are offering a single bonus, choose the delivery mechanism that makes the user experience the most engaging. More is not better, so be very intentional as you decide on your bonus and make a compelling case in your book for why the reader will benefit from it.
I recommend using the same delivery system as for your main offer, or a system similar to it. For example, in my case, some of my readers will join my signature group coaching program, the Weight Release Shift, so I deliver my bonuses through the same course portal, getting the prospects familiar with the technology I use and my teaching style, making the transition to a larger offer down the road easier.
How to position bonuses in your book for higher conversions
When crafting my book bonuses, I had the main goal of converting potential readers into my email list even before they purchased my book. By providing them with great value up front, you increase your chances that they will become readers, and, even if they choose not to buy, you still have the chance of starting their customer journey via email communications.
Aside from including the link to the free bonuses on the back cover of my book and my book’s website, I also included an extra page describing the bonuses at the start of my book, making it visible to potential readers when they preview the e-book version at online retailers. For readers who purchased my book, I included a QR code, as well as a URL for the bonuses at the end of each chapter, along with a description of the benefits. Even though I decided to split my bonuses into a bonus collection, I use one URL to deliver all the bonuses at once, so the reader only needs to take the action one time.
One of the main ways I promote my book bonuses is as a value-add while marketing my book. I am currently doing so via Facebook ads. I also advertise the bonuses on my main website and when speaking at events, on podcasts, or in interviews by highlighting the bonuses that I believe will be more attractive to the audience I am speaking to, such as my Belly Fat Buster E-guide or my Activate Your Inner Motivator Blueprint.
What happens after a reader opts to download the bonuses?
After the bonus collection is downloaded, the reader is added to a segment in my email list and an automated workflow is triggered. Currently, I have emails encouraging readers to consume the book or asking about their favorite concepts in the book, as well as case studies of clients of mine that apply the concepts of my book, linked to their full testimonials on my podcast for social proof and inspiration. After the automated email workflow is complete, readers are added to my weekly Your Dose of Joy newsletter, where I share value-packed emails, pitch-free, to continue to engage with them and build trust. By getting readers to interact beyond the pages of your books, you are gifted with the opportunity to continue providing value until they are ready to work with you further.
As long as your bonus title is clear and it addresses the next logical step in your reader’s journey, it will leave your reader feeling content and will position you as an authority in your field, making your attempts to engage with readers beyond the pages of your book more fruitful. 
Juliana Leamen is the founder of Naturally Joyous Inc., Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, an author, and a podcaster.