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January 22, 2021

In this edition of Indie Spotlight, our monthly thematic roundup of BookLife titles, we’re ushering in 2021 with indie self-help and inspirational titles.


The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace

Carolyn C.J. Jones

ISBN 978-0-9826352-3-0

About the book: Jones urges readers to find peace through practicing forgiveness.

Author statement: “My book conveys how I changed from a negative, angry, bitter, blaming victim into a person living in gratitude and positivity. I wrote the book so others could be guided to find this place of nirvana.”


The Art of Kindness

Aliza McCracken

ISBN 978-0-9667291-7-7

About the book: This art book pairs paintings and prose to celebrate the power of kindness in the midst of adversity.

Author statement: “I hope readers will find that my book captures the beauty, gratitude, and kindness of the human spirit.”


Calm Brain, Powerful Mind: Abolish Stress to Unleash Your True Potential

Aziz Velji

ISBN 978-1-9990144-0-7

About the book: This nonacademic self-help book links developments in neuroscience and quantum physics to stress, mental health, emotional intelligence, and teachings on meditation.

Author statement: “My book is about how to harness the power of the mind to permanently break your cycle of stress and free yourself from anxiety, fear, and loneliness.”


Cor Perfectum: What You Don’t Know About Your Heart May Be Killing Your Life

Jewa Lea

ISBN 978-1-4903-3154-6

About the book: This work examines the familiar (anatomical and physiological) and unfamiliar (metaphysical, sacred geometrical, and energetic) aspects of the heart.

Author statement: “My book was inspired by a 2011 roundtable discussion about the heart that went beyond my formal medical training. Ancient wisdom teachings and metaphysical references opened the door to my viewing the heart as more than a pump and as something way more integral to my existence. The book is a call to properly identify as both spirit and matter. The lopsidedness of our identification as primarily matter has led to unbalanced and diseased hearts.”

Cheaters Never Win: How to Stop Cheating in Any Relationship or Never Start

Lynnette Clement

ISBN 978-0-359-09653-4

About the book: Clement’s self-help guide is for men and women who wrestle with temptation, self-esteem, and making good decisions.

Author statement: “The inspiration for writing this book derived from direct observation of making poor choices earlier in life and continuing to see poor behavioral patterns in others, as well.”

Good Grammar Is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life

Curtis Honeycutt

ISBN 978-0-578-56003-8

About the book: Good Grammar Is the Life of the Party assists readers in leveling up their grammar game.

Author statement: “This is my first book! Its content was inspired by my weekly humor column Grammar Guy, which appears in newspapers around the country. I published it in May 2020, during the height of everything being shut down! It’s been challenging to get the word out, but I’ve found that word nerds around the U.S. have been geeking out over the book.”


Hundred Percent Chance

Robert K. Brown

ISBN 978-1-73315-901-2

About the book: Brown’s inspirational memoir chronicles his experience of being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 1990, when he was a college student studying abroad in England.

Author statement: “After many years of fund-raising and advocacy for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, of seeing so many lives cut short by a relentless and unforgiving disease, I chose to finish telling my story. I was one of the lucky ones. My book isn’t a blueprint for survival. Nothing can do that. But it can be a beacon of hope during otherwise dark times, a source of inspiration for anyone struggling against impossible odds.”


The Intentional 5: Verge—Confessions of a Disciplined Thought

O.B. Amaechi

ISBN 978-1-73504-530-6

About the book: Amaechi advocates for five guiding principles that helped him become more successful as an educator, administrator, business owner, coach, friend, brother, and more.

Author statement: “I began writing this book as a way for me to reach a greater audience of educators. I wanted to share the work I was doing within my schools and how I was able to build relationships with students, colleagues, and parents.”

Leaning Out: An Alternative Perspective for the Modern Corporate Woman

Monica E. Pierce

ISBN 978-1-64237-864-1

About the book: For many of today’s professional women, the popular “lean in” message is one-sided and falls flat. In Leaning Out, self-proclaimed “average” modern working woman Pierce shares another perspective.

Author statement: “I never set out to write a book or become an author. But, when I started sharing this message and received an overwhelming response, I realized there are millions of women who feel the way I do.”


Let Go and Heal

Mark Linden O’Meara

ISBN 978-1-70016-483-4

About the book: This affirming guidebook aims to help readers work through the emotional issues holding them back from leading more fulfilling lives.

Author statement: “I believe that letting go will allow you to feel more joy and to unlock your creativity and spontaneity, as it did for me.”


Little Garlic: Enchanted Tales for All Ages

Avideh Shashaani

ISBN 978-1-954332-01-0

About the book: Little Garlic is a collection of spiritual parables honoring a child’s ability to know and engage multiple levels of consciousness, the dream world, companionship, nature, and truth.

Author statement: “My goal with Little Garlic is to help all children build a feeling of being at home in the universe and have resilience through loss and suffering.”

Opiate Nation: A Memoir of Love, Loss & Acceptance

Jude DiMeglio Trang, with John M. Trang

ISBN 978-0-648-58853-5

About the book: This heart-wrenching memoir presents the devastating effects of drug abuse and a child’s death on a family.

Author statement: “In 2014, my husband John and I lost our 25-year-old son to an accidental heroin overdose. Our memoir is our effort to help fight the opioid epidemic on several levels: to offer encouragement for those grieving due to having lost a child or a loved one from addiction, to offer families with children hindsight gained by our years of trial and error, and to encourage those families and individuals still struggling with information and resources.”


The Restructuring: Who Are You?

J.L. Stafford

ISBN 978-1-09-832373-8

About the book: This collection of poetry inspires readers to look upon their innermost selves.

Author statement: “As a psychotherapist, I published this book to support people in emotional healing during these challenging times.”

A Time to Seek: Meaning, Purpose, and Spirituality at Midlife

Susan Pohlman

ISBN 978-1-73461-323-0

About the bookA Time to Seek explores the power of prayerful travel as a path to transcendence.

Author statement: “When I found myself restless and unsettled at midlife, I decided to use travel to work through such transitional themes as aging, grief, love, courage, faith, letting go, and acceptance. My experience living abroad has shown me that travel is a magical way to seek, and adventure a powerful and compelling teacher. The outer journey stimulates the inner journey.”


Unravel Your Hidden Gems

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

ISBN 978-1-9998159-9-8

About the book: Unravel Your Hidden Gems is a collection of inspirational and motivational essays.

Author statement: “I wrote this book to inspire readers to find their own unique talents and to encourage people to succeed at what they feel is important to their own happiness.”


When Thought Turns to Light: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Transformation

Patrick Paul Garlinger

ISBN 978-1-944037-47-5

About the book: This brief overview of the spiritual path discusses how to use key spiritual tools such as meditation, mantra, forgiveness, and gratitude to connect with the divine inside.

Author statement: “I believe that each of us has an inherent connection to the divine and it is our birthright to cultivate that connection. But we all need assistance sometimes. This book is meant to serve as a loving companion for that journey.”


Walking in Circles: Finding Happiness in Lost Japan

Todd Wassel

ISBN 978-1-73531-160-9

About the book: Todd Wassel draws on over 20 years in Japan to retell his epic journey through the contradictions of the country while overcoming the forces that keep us from living a truly happy life.

Author statement: “Capturing a life-changing event is never easy. Or at least it is never easy to do well. Add in trying to capture and explain the essence of Japan, and the task becomes more daunting. It took me over 15 years to finish this book as the meaning of the pilgrimage, where it sat in my life, and my understanding of Japan shifted over time. Eventually I was able to look back and retell this tale that ended up defining my life, and place it in the context of personal happiness.”

Why Zarmina Sings: 18 Steps to Live and Learn Beyond Anxiety

Therese Ayla Kravetz

ISBN 978-1-5304-6870-6

About the book: Plagued by an overanxious brain, the author embarks on a journey toward creativity and confidence after hearing her student, Zarmina, find vocal freedom and move other students to tears with her song.

Author statement: “This book is based on stories of my life as an anxious professor in the classroom. I wrote it to help other students, teachers, and creatives.”