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January 26, 2024
By PW Staff

In this edition of Indie Spotlight, our monthly thematic roundup of BookLife titles, we feature self-help and personal finance books. Want to see your book featured? Check out the Indie Spotlight calendar at


The Illustrated Guide to Financial Independence: Young Adult Edition

Larry Faulkner


Author statement: “Young adults who become wealthy all learned basic financial principles during their journey. This book teaches these vital principles via stories of success, numerous illustrations, and easy-to-understand language. Our latest generation has a huge chance to achieve financial success, but only if they have the correct information at the right time. I wrote this book because I want young people to embrace their unique opportunities to create the lives of their dreams.”


The Momentum Sales Model

Tim Castle

ISBN 978-1-913717-94-0

Author statement: “I wrote this book during Covid because I realized that what's required for success in business development and sales is vastly different from a few years ago. The Momentum Sales Model is made up of eight core tenets that once mastered will transform how you sell and your ability to create a healthy pipeline of new business opportunities. I train startups around the globe on how to sell to investors at pitch nights and also to land their first clients - this book has it covered.”


Win With Your Money

Cori Arnold


Author statement: “I've always been driven.  However, I wasn't always concerned about the cost.  I made many financial mistakes, thinking I was choosing the more sophisticated option.  Fortunately, after some financial pain, I realized simple is always better. And, slow and steady really does win. I've come a long way financially, but I'm prouder of how far I've come mentally.  My entire mindset has changed.  I'm no longer trapped in my prior beliefs. In Win with Your Money, I share my journey and the lessons I learned along the way.”



2024... Your Year of More

Noah William Smith


2024... Your Year of More is your go-to book to help you set goals and mindfully invest your efforts. The pages contain practical ideas from A to Z, thought-provoking questions, and self-reflective exercises that inspire you to live your best life.  I believe much of life’s enjoyment for everyone comes from striving toward more of what we value. I wrote this book to motivate and encourage the reader to focus more on what they value to create meaning in their life.”


Building a Better Boomer

Neil Offen

ISBN 978-1-08-790860-1

Author statement: “In Building a Better Boomer, I offer tongue-in-cheek advice for the generation caught between Betamax VHS and ChatGPT. There’s guidance on how baby boomers can better see, hear, eat, exercise, sleep, retire, remember better – and maybe live long enough to see the launch of the iPhone 211 Pro. I've been a humor columnist for different publications for four decades and on two continents. The book started as a series of columns before I realized there was a common theme uniting them.”


Happy AF: Simple Strategies to Get Unstuck, Bounce Back, and Live Your Best Life

Beth Romero

ISBN 978-1-64742-589-0

Author statement:  “My personal journey inspired Happy AF. Essentially, 2020 leveled me. Think Old Testament-like devastation. I always say that I didn't set out to write a book, but rather the book set out to right me. Not enjoying my time at rock bottom, I embraced a proactive approach to regaining happiness. Simple strategies, all backed by clinical research. For some reason, recounting my journey from roadkill to redemption was important. I wanted to share the simple strategies that helped me escape from rock bottom. I wanted to repurpose the pain.”


Happy & Homeless

 S.C. Sanborn


Author statement: “Happy & Homeless is an all-in-one, occasionally illustrated manual on how to embrace a nomadic and adventurous lifestyle. It is an encyclopedia of essential survival skills, practical how-to tips, health and wellness advice, and general wisdom from someone who has been there and done that. This book will teach you how to find work anywhere you go, meditate, change your oil, eat right on a budget, locate free campsites, and deal with the mental and emotional rollercoaster of life on the road. This is the handbook of how to live and figure out who you are in an extremely complicated world.”


Simply Less

Dominique Parenti


Author statement: “Get inspired, find guidance, and take action to create a simpler and more fulfilling life aligned with your core values and goals. I was about to burn out, but my family saved me. That’s how I started my journey of embracing ‘Simply Less.’ It’s a way of life that helps you discover what truly matters to you and make room for it by changing how you think about your possessions and your time. It’s a choice that anyone can make, regardless of their background and life stage.”


The Strategy of Story. Why Story Works and How You Can Make It Work For You

Nora Barry


Author statement: “Years ago as I was reading the Andrew Lang Fairy Books to my sons I began to recognize familiar fairy tale narratives under the different cultural garb in which they were dressed. That ‘aha’ moment led me, in 1998, to launch the first online site for web film (The Bit Screen). It was an experiment in digital storytelling. My passion for story led me eventually to start incorporating it into my corporate communications work, a lot of which entailed coaching public speakers. After some hemming and hawing, I began outlining The Strategy of Story and published my book in 2023.


The Way of the Fool: How to Stop Worrying About Life and Start Living It!

Mark David Gerson

ISBN 978-1-950189-15-1

Author statement: “If stress is making you sick and anxiety is wearing you down, if the pressures of daily life have hijacked your dreams, The Way of the Fool is your fast track to a renewed sense of purpose and zest for life. You have only to look at the ever-expanding catalogue of stress-related symptoms to recognize that we are, literally, plagued with worry. So, why apply a centuries-old concept to a 21st-century problem? Because the archetype of the Fool offers us an unparalleled set of tools to help us deal with the intensity of these times.”


Whisper their Names

Jennifer Harris

ISBN 978-0-228-88137-7

Author statement: “At age 20 I gave up a child for adoption. Throughout my adult life, I struggled to accept her absence. Later when I left my marriage, I realized the pain of losing your children in a divorce and estrangement. In my career, I worked as a pediatric nurse and saw young lives cut short. The maternal histories showed that many, many women suffered miscarriages, abortions, and stillborns and these were all carried as a never-ending grief. I wanted to reach out and let my friends and people share their stories, tell the details no one listens to, and speak of their loved children.”


You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self

Yol Swan

ISBN 978-0-9863654-5-4

Author statement: “This book is the result of more than 30 years of exploring the mind through psychology, spirituality, and nonduality, which congealed into a practical system of self-exploration to gain emotional and spiritual freedom. It has transformed my life as well as that of my clients.”