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January 27, 2023

In his latest book, Clemetson explores his life through poetry and seeks to inspire readers in a myriad of ways.

What inspired you to write Poetic Pieces?

I was driven by the desire to positively influence others through thoughts composed to motivate, inspire, and instill hope and the fortitude to persist amid challenges, difficulties, and distractions. My passion for being a source of inspiration to others opened up a new horizon, which channeled my thoughts in poetic form. The compositions were few at first, but then they began dominating the way my ideas were structured to convey messages that are uplifting and inspiring. Progressively, this way of working enabled me to present ideas in poetry in a very natural way. Life experiences—whether personal, observed, or shared with me by others—have also shaped many of the poems I have written. One dominant experience was the rapid deterioration and passing of my son.

What was the process like of taking parts of your life and turning them into poetry?

It was rapturous, solemn, and tranquil at times, and at others, effervescent and exciting. On many occasions, I was overcome by a strong inspiration to write; the thoughts then flowed creatively, enabling me to write many poems in one sitting. I would reflect on my daily encounters with others, positively and otherwise, and they would take on a unique composition. I would dramatize the unfolding in a methodical way, from beginning to end. Some creations were ecstatic, erotic, and sentimental, while others were sobering, motivating, and soothing, and still others came from a desire to capture the realities and excitement of everyday life. Those relating to separation, empathy, and reflection arose from feelings of remorse that evolved from my son’s illness and eventual passing. They came from a desire to create solace both for myself and for those who will read them.

Was there anything you wanted to include but couldn’t?

Some aspects of life’s realities are very delicate and sensitive, and must be presented in a clear yet abstract way. I have managed to include all that I desired to present in this version of Poetic Pieces. The reader will find a few works fascinating and something that they have to unravel.

How do you imagine readers at this moment will connect to Poetic Pieces?

I believe that Poetic Pieces will resonate with all readers because of the book’s diverse themes. As the subtitle declares, these are “thoughts to thrill, inspire and uplift.” The collection caters to passionate readers, as well as those who need a stimulus to go on, to those who need a buffer against social ills, those who desire spousal strengthening, and those in need of motivation. It has sobering thoughts for both blue- and white-collar workers, solace for those who have lost loved ones, reflections for mature readers, connections for those managing abuse, inspiration for those who need to propel themselves to the next level, sobering thoughts for the sincere, hope for those in despair, and insight for all who grapple with the realities of life. Readers will gravitate toward the collection and make it a part of their library.

What’s next for you?

There will be Poetic Pieces, Volume Two, with pieces on inspirational thoughts, as well as proverbial sayings and their meanings. My daughter and I will also be venturing into other product lines.