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February 24, 2020

After retirement, Barnes began writing historical fiction for children. And while he suffered a stroke, the author hasn’t let that stop him. He recently finished the last book in his Magnum’s Electric adult superhero trilogy and is looking forward to his next book.

What inspired the Magnum’s Electric series?

The series was inspired by my long-distance relationship with my cousin, who, at the time, was actually the mayor of Mati City in the Philippines.

Did your background influence the series at all?

My youth and background didn’t influence the manuscript. What influenced it more was the stroke I had. After it, the only useful abilities I have left are my healthy brain and a normal left hand.

How has your writing process changed from your debut novel?

My writing process changed when I started to conceptualize action stories that I wanted to share with my readers around the world.

Why do you think people are so drawn to superhero stories?

I think that people are usually drawn to superhero stories because of the type media they consume elsewhere. Whether it’s realistic action series or more fictional possibilities, such as movies and TV programs like: the James Bond film series, Hawaii 5-0, the Kung Fu genre, Magnum P.I., Walker, Texas Ranger, NCIS, or Blue Bloods.

Can readers expect a new book from you in the future?    

The millions of readers out there can expect new books from me in the future. Fans of horror, fabulous flying heroes, and romance will be pleased.