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February 24, 2020

In addition to Reiki master, television and radio host, and inspirational speaker, Vail is adding author to her résumé with her debut work, Why Am I So Happy?, in which she seeks to help readers break out of negative ruts.

What is the story behind this book—why and how did you write it?

Over the course of my life, I have traversed a journey from a place where so many others find themselves, caught in the treacherous cycles of life, wanting so much more but unable to grasp it, to a place of fulfilled enjoyment and happiness. This book captures the lessons I learned along this journey, one chapter and one topic at a time. I so desperately want people to discover the real joy that exists deep inside them that has been shuttered by a world that seemingly wants to take it away. The tools I share in my book will help others unlock the fullness that only a happy life can bring.

Was there anything that you wanted to include in Why Am I So Happy? but couldn’t?

I would like to have included more details about the challenges and sorrows others and I have experienced because we all face challenges. Something we have in common with everyone around the world. But I chose to focus my book on positivity and the power of our thoughts. While we all share the common difficulties of life, dwelling on them will generally only serve to put the risk of sinking sand beneath our feet, just inviting us to melt back into the traps we have already escaped. I want people to feel free in their future and not enslaved by their past. As such, I chose to take my readers on a path of expanding the joy that is theirs and experiencing their own personal empowerment.

Who is your ideal reader and why?

The primary customer for this book is anyone who finds himself or herself dissatisfied with life, feeling like a waterfall of burden is falling on their head due to the culture in which we find ourselves. That is who I want to reach. They will value freedom, happiness, love, and a better life. They believe in the depth of their soul that there must be a better way of life full of positivity and happiness, but they simply cannot seem to find it for themselves. This book aims to assist with this rediscovery.

How do you imagine readers at this moment will connect to Why Am I So Happy?

At this moment, I feel that readers are already asking themselves “What will reading this book do for me? For others? I want to know how those words will make me feel and think.” I believe readers everywhere will realize the commonality we all have in wanting happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

What’s in the future for you?

I am going to continue following my passion of striving to be a positive influence in the world. I am currently finishing a second book. Through my TV/radio show Choices: Finding Your Joy, my life-enhancing Reiki classes, mentoring, as well as my charity work, I will continue to serve others with a great joy and passion.