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February 26, 2024
A sponsored Q&A with the spouse of the late author David Isaak

BookLife Reviews recently called David Isaak’s Tomorrowville a “stark story critiquing a dystopian government gone too far” that “percolates with a mix of humor and dread.” Sadly, Isaak, after a truly eclectic life, passed away in 2021. He left behind five novels that his widow, Pamela Blake, is now publishing in his memory. We spoke with her about that process and what readers can expect from Isaak’s work.    

Can you describe what it’s been like to publish these works posthumously?

David and I were together for more than 50 years. His passing was an immense loss for me; in the midst of my grief, I found solace in the precious gift he left behind—his books. It's a bittersweet journey to publish them posthumously, as it allows me to continue a mission that has become deeply personal: to honor his memory and keep his work alive.

Every day, as I work to bring his novels into the world, I am grateful, knowing that I am fulfilling his dream. However, there's a poignant sadness that lingers in my heart because David isn't here to witness firsthand the profound impact his writing and stories have on readers. Yet, I take comfort in the thought that through his words, he lives on, touching the lives and hearts of those who discover his work, just as he did for me.

What do you think inspired Tomorrowville?

Tomorrowville is a product of David's deep concern for societal issues he observed in the early 2000s, especially civil asset forfeiture and the growing influence of the entertainment industry on public discourse. With his signature satirical humor, he projected these trends 80 years into the future. In this future world, he pushes these trends to their logical and sometimes absurd extremes, inviting readers to reflect on the potential consequences of our actions today.

Is there a common theme across Isaak’s stories?

While David's five books span various genres, they share a common thread—the exploration of the intricate dynamics among friendship, love, and the mysterious realms that exist beyond our everyday perception.

How do you recommend readers stay connected with Isaak’s work?

Readers can follow David’s Facebook page: Or please consider signing up for The Isaak Collection newsletter on his website: