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February 27, 2017
A monthly look at some of the best opening lines from titles by BookLife authors.

This month, we’ve got zombies, poisoners, outlaws, and a whole lot more. To submit your first line to BookLife, email

The Apocalypse Men by John Cheney

The world was melting.

Beyond Every Mirror by Christine Church

His day was going great—until he discovered he was dead.

Plagued by Better Hero Army

It took an insane kind of bravery to hunt zombies.

Jestus on Rampage by V.S. Sury

In a battle between the logical and the illogical, the illogical invariably wins the day.

The Dangerous Summer of Jesse Turner by D.C. Reep and E.A. Allen

Everybody knew I was an outlaw’s kid.

The Lady and the Mountain Man by Misty Beller

Are you going to poison her the way you killed your last wife?