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April 17, 2024
Four guest judges were tasked with selecting the finalists for the 2023 BookLife Prize Nonfiction Contest. Please stay tuned for Q&A's with each judge, with the four finalists, and for the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner on May 27, 2024.
The finalists in the categories of Business/Personal Finance, Inspirational/Spiritual, Memoir/Autobiography, and Self-Help/Relationships are as follows. 

Business/Personal Finance

Men in the Middle
Kori Reed
"Reed's Men in the Middle is a brave, timely book that's rigorous, actionable, and well-organized." – Charlie Gilkey
The BookLife critic's report said the following: "By interviewing high-powered men in the workplace, Reed is able to unearth an unusual perspective on gender equity. But most importantly, Reed uses the insights of these interviews to develop solutions to gender equity issues in the workplace."


Daughter of Korean Freud
Haewon Hake
"There's a formal subtlety to Haewon Hake's Daughter of Korean Freud which offers us new opportunities into the tethers of psychic space, one that begins with the "practice of dying" we might all one day admit to. Thrust into a past that renegotiates her present, her prose moves at a clip resonant with thinking that somehow never manages to leave the reader behind, nor talk down to us in pedantic repetitions." – Joseph Thomas


Stress Wisely
Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe
"Stress Wisely is a practical, accessible, and beautiful guide for the stressful times we are all living through now. The author masterfully bridges knowledge, practices, personal narratives, and prompts, as well as offers tools for how we can make choices that allow us to stay grounded amid the many storms (stress due to work, our relationships, family stress, climate chaos, uncertainty, the current social and political context).  – Michelle Johnson



The Hijacked Conscience
Debra Peck
"I was drawn to Debra Peck’s The Hijacked Conscience out of a personal resonance with the challenge of religious scrupulosity in my own spiritual journey. Though my struggle is of a more general sort, I especially appreciated the author’s solid research translated into personal growth. This intersection is one where wisdom is born. Her story brought hope to me in my own scrupulous tendencies." – Alan Fadling