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April 27, 2020

After living through many challenges, Alaji declared, “This ain’t my life.” Since then, he has worked to better himself and take control of his circumstances. PW’s review of his book, This Ain’t My Life: One Man’s Journey to Finding His Destiny, said, “Readers will be informed and affected by Alaji’s difficulties as this impactful memoir depicts his determination, tenacity, and ability to change.” Follow him on Twitter at @AlajiBilal and on Instagram at @Thisain_tmylife.

What prompted you to write your memoir now?

The timing was right to help many others on their life journeys. I struggled in many areas of my life in my search for my destined path. My journey led me through lots of heartache, deception, betrayal, and self-reflection. It was because of this journey that I was able to grow exponentially into the remarkable person I have become today. I desire this level of growth for all who want to be the best versions of themselves.

Since you’re relating events that happened years ago, how do you make sure you are telling “the truth,” or how do you refresh your memories when writing?

I was blessed in the sense that it was easy to recall lots of these events because most of them were traumatic for me. The opening scene of the book depicts how my little sister was bashed in the skull with a rock by a child abuser and how this event affected our entire family. I then recall how my father let me down as my superhero many times over. These occurrences were difficult for me to forget because they were cemented into my psyche. It doesn’t help that I’m a Virgo and never forget anything.

Why or how do you think this book is particularly relevant now?

This book is particularly relevant now because people are looking for ways to improve themselves. While there are so many self-help books, improve-yourself courses, and other forms of information available at our fingertips, people still find themselves lost. There is no cookie-cutter resolution to a person’s problems. This is why my story of how I went from a state of triple darkness to being a light bearer will hopefully resonate with many. I share the techniques and strategies that helped me out of a dark place and into realizing my potential and where I wanted to go.

“This ain’t my life” became your battle cry. Can you give any advice to others who might need a similar battle cry?

This is a mantra I have chosen to use in times of darkness, confusion, desperation, and despair. I said this to remind myself not to accept anything that I did not want in my life. I now offer these powerful words to others to use to get out of their present condition, to get where they desire to be in life. As I say in the book, “If the reality you see is not what you desire it to be, then simply proclaim, ‘This Ain’t My Life.’” Never accept that which is not for you as your reality.

What’s next for you?

I will continue to share my message with the world. I work as a mentor, coach, and thought leader helping to transform the lives of those who seek to be the best versions of themselves. With the Covid-19 outbreak among us, the course of our everyday lives has changed. But within this tragedy are many hidden gems, blessings, and breakthroughs, should we be wise enough to see them. I will be on radio interviews leading into the next month. I will be featured on the cover of A-Spire magazine. I will be a guest speaker at the LA Times Festival of Books in October. Also, keep a look out for my online courses, which will be made available soon. You can follow me at