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June 24, 2019
Some of the best opening lines from titles by BookLife authors.

For June, we’ve got big worries, a crisis of faith, and serious questions of survival. To submit a first line, email us.


And the Wall Came Down by D.F. Hart

“It was April 12, 1961, almost noon, and Manfred Amsel was a deeply worried man.”


Eve of Snows (Sundering the Gods, Book 1) by L. James Rice

“It will ease your worries to know you aren’t dead, but it shouldn’t.”


Birth Right: Galak’s Rising by Christina Goebel

“Mark Ward looked out of the window of his office in the mammoth Genetic Automation Laboratories’ New York Headquarters and wondered how long he would survive.”


Inktown: A Memoir by Robert Turley

“There are two things you will usually find plenty of in lower-income neighborhoods in America: churches and funeral homes; poor folks stay busy either worshiping God or going off to meet Him.”


The Troubled Seminarian by Neal Grey

“Never did that obscure Augustinian priest think that he would spark a revolution.”