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June 27, 2024
This month, we've got mango smoothies, nightmares, scrambled eggs, and more. To submit a first line, email with the book title, author name, and subject "First Lines." 
The Aftertime
L.L.H. Harms 
“Nathan Mason looked out into the forest and knew he would be having nightmares that night.”
A Change in the Wind
Jan Ferrigan
“If Kaylah got up before the sun stretched empty into the eternity of the day, she believed she might disrupt the illusion of time.”
The Die: A Novel  
Jude Berman 
"The HastinSys café makes a mean mango smoothie."
Ex-Mas Song
Jeffrey Cummins
"Well, to start with, I was dead."
Daniel James
"The Ilyushin 76 ascended through the kingdom of clouds like a steel dragon, powerful and proud."
A Map of the Edge 
David Isaak
“I remember her at the breakfast table on that last morning, spooning out our scrambled eggs, the left side of her face bruised from jaw to ear.”
Rhapsody in a Minor Mode
Elaine Kozak
"'If Brad actually is your father, Niels,' Rebecca said."