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June 29, 2020

Boredom provided the fruitful seeds from which sprang St. John’s debut work, Issues. A romantic thriller, Issues centers around three women and the men in their lives who steal, swindle, and even kill.

What is the story behind this book—why and how did you write it?

I was actually bored at work and started thinking about situations that took place in my life. I remember thinking how desperate I must have been to accept or believe some of the things that men have told me over the years. From that, I developed characters who were so desperate for love that they would accept anything. It was also based on the stereotypical notion that a woman shouldn’t tell her girlfriends everything about her man for fear of her friends wanting her man for themselves. 

As a debut author, what resources did you find most helpful while writing your book?

I used much of the information provided on the Ingram Spark website. That is where I found the 1106 Design team that has made my authorship experience wonderful. 

Who is your ideal reader and why?

With this book, my ideal reader would be anyone. For the adult male reader, I have the young lady who entices the male character. I feel male readers can take something away from that story line. Of course, the female reader between the ages of 25 and 45 would be ideal. I assume that a woman in that age group would have loved, then lost. For book sales purposes, my ideal reader is someone who loves cliffhangers, loves romantic thrillers, and loves to hate the main character but can’t stop reading about him or her. 

What is the one thing you most want to tell readers, booksellers, publishers, or agents about your book? 

I would tell readers that my book will make them yearn for more. I would tell booksellers that my book will not sit on a shelf and collect dust. I would tell publishers or agents that my book should be marketed as a screenplay because a romantic thriller would attract viewers.  

Are you working on a new project?

I am currently working on another novel that will embellish some of the situations I have experienced working in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.