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July 27, 2018

Basdeo combines her experiences as a science teacher and a mother to create a series of children's books that makes science fun for kids.

How did you get started writing the K.C. & Kayla's Science Corner series?

I left my corporate job two years ago to spend time with my young children. We spent many days at the library and brought home a variety of books. None of these books sparked my children's interest. They had too much information or were too advanced. Soon thereafter, my son, K.C., came home with a science experiment that we did as a family. That night, after seeing the joy on my children's faces, I wrote the first book.

How do your books help kids get into science?
My books allow children under the age of 10 to learn science through storytelling. They encourage children to explore science in the home, making it relatable. Children will develop a fondness for science while having fun.

How do the experiments in your books interact with what kids might be doing in school?
Children can connect with the stories and experiment at home. After I gave a reading at a school, my children said, "I remember doing that in the classroom." It was amazing to see how the children could connect what they learned in school to K.C. & Kayla's Science Corner.
Some of the books have experiments that children can follow. For example, the Apple Experiment is a great exercise that children can do at home with very simple items. This reinforces what they have learned or allows them to try the experiment before doing it in the classroom, making science more familiar and applicable.

How did your personal experience inform the writing of the books?
My children and what they are learning in school inspire my books. Being a science teacher, I understand that young children learn when they are having fun. I know the importance of keeping facts simple.
What are you doing to get the word out about the series?
K.C. & Kayla's Science Corner: Matter! What's the MATTER! received a Five Star Readers' Favorite book review. The purpose of my series is to cultivate our young minds to be curious and to explore the world of science in a fun environment. I also have social media pages where I post fun science facts as extensions of the books. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook.