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August 1, 2022
By PW Staff

This month, we’ve got visions of the future, dragons, and more. To submit a first line, email

The Digital Mind of Tomorrow

Isabella Wang 

“A world within is developed by the mind, filled with thoughts, feelings, and power. Although it’s invisible, the force is mighty.”


The Dragon Defenders

James Russell

“The Pitbull’s jaw muscles bunched and bulged as he chewed his breakfast.”


Dragon by Midnight

Karen Kincy 

“Before she became a dragon, the night had been a dream.”


If I Were a Weapon

Skye Kilaen 

“Deneve woke up with dirt in her mouth. That happened sometimes when you could see the future but couldn’t control when it kicked in.”



Julia Ash 

“Juliette Annabella Parker stood near the edge of her parents’ pool, entranced by the long brown hair rhythmically swaying at the bottom of the deep end.”