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September 30, 2019
A sponsored Q&A with the author of 'Let My Legacy Be Love'

Beauchemin’s debut memoir, Let My Legacy Be Love, takes a look at the childhood events that shaped her adult life and documents her journey to change the learned negative behaviors she acquired

With a memoir, especially when you’re pulling from childhood memories, how do you make sure you are telling “the truth,” or how do you refresh your memories when writing?

All of the stories shared in the book started with something, like a photograph burned into my memory. I can recall distinct smells, vivid colors, and many emotions attached to each “picture.” Of course, the whole point of Let My Legacy Be Love is that our stories are impressions left on a child’s brain, and they are from the viewpoint of that child. The key here is that, although the story, as I tell it, is true, the truth of the event is found by looking at it from a different perspective.

Who is your ideal reader and why?

My ideal reader is anyone who feels insecure, lacks confidence, or feels stuck in a situation. They might struggle in relationships with family members, coworkers, or their intimate partner. Maybe they continue to date the same type of person even though they have promised themselves “never again.” Another ideal reader is someone who feels as though they are everyone’s doormat or has difficulty placing and holding personal boundaries. A big issue the book covers is the feeling of being undeserving or not good enough. Plus, I’ve received several emails from young parents who believe that this book could be helpful for anyone who wants to be a better parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle.

You’re a motivational speaker. Did that experience help while writing your book?

As a speaker, I hear many stories. The human experience is fascinating to me, and I find insight into my own life events by listening to others. Over time, I realized that all people are similar, even though we’re all very different. Our humanity bonds us in a shared experience. So, yes, in that regard speaking has helped me gain insight.

Our review of Let My Legacy Be Love says, “This impactful memoir will help any reader struggling with self-confidence.” What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

The point of sharing my personal stories in Let My Legacy Be Love is that, although the details of a reader’s life and experiences may be different from mine, for most of us, the events in our younger years are universal. It’s those younger years that have a significant impact on the way we live out our lives. It doesn’t matter whether you were born in New York City or in a small village in Africa; our stories start from the same place. We were powerless and vulnerable. We needed our families to survive. As a result, our brains took in the events going on in our houses, our churches, and our communities, leaving impressions that unknowingly became hardwired as thought and behavioral patterns that, in many cases, last a lifetime. By digging into my life history, I came to understand that my childhood experiences don’t need to be a life sentence. The stories and discoveries in the second half of the book demonstrate how I changed my thought and behavioral patterns. Was I perfect? No way. There’s even a chapter titled “Again? Really?” I hope that by reading my stories and sharing in the discoveries, readers will understand that they, too, can “change their minds.” It takes only curiosity and a willingness to be open to another perspective. The real gift is that by healing yourself, you can end negative patterns that may have been festering in your family for generations. What an incredible gift to the future!

What’s next for you?

I continue to do lots of speaking, which I love. And I am currently working with a partner on a workshop program we call “Breakthrough! Reveal. Release. Reclaim.” The program uses the process I used to get to the bottom of my own “stuff,” as shared in Let My Legacy Be Love. But we’ve added a few fun twists. I have also been asked to develop a corporate program, which is very exciting. I’m in the process of finishing up the “Breakthrough” online course. It will launch in January 2020. I also have an outline for a second book that I will begin early in 2020. I’m excited about the material I’ve put together so far. Keep your eyes and ears open!