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October 31, 2016

Thirty novels from six genres advanced to the semifinal round of the BookLife Prize in Fiction. Selected by the editorial staffs of Publishers Weekly and Booklife, the semifinalists are as follows:

General Fiction

Faraway Green by Jack Young
First, You Swallow the Moon by Kipp Wessel       
Love and Other Pranks by Tony Vigorito  
The Roadrunner Cafe by Jamie Zerndt  
The Things We Save by Joanne Zienty


The After War by Brandon Zenner
Ahriman: The Spirit of Destruction by Puja Guha
Blue Fire by Joel Canfield
The Big Overnight by Libby Kirsch
Cloister by TJ Slee

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

Calling Tower by Josh Leone
Casimir Bridge by Darren Beyer
Catalyst: Decay Chains by Kate Wars
The Good Man by Gwen Ryan
The Vanirim by TJ Slee


Cookie Therapy by Karla Brandenburg
Crimson Secret by Janet Lane
Dangerous Kisses by Alice Lake
Forever Grace  by Linda Poitevin
Not Flowers, but Love by Krys Batts

Young Adult

Conquest of Canaan: Og by Brittany Shannon Lemmon
Gates on the Way to the Great Upstairs by Laura Levin
Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner
Prime Vector by Diana A. Hicks
Riven by Jane Alvey Harris

Middle Grade

Crushing the Red Flowers by Jennifer Kaplan
The Illuminator's Gift by Alina Sayre
The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon by Lowell H. Press
The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells
Misha Alexandrov by Jan Karol Tanaka

The semifinal round will be judged by a great collection of award-winning and bestselling authors:

General Fiction: Eleanor Brown
Mystery Thriller: Jason Pinter
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror: Tim Pratt
Romance/Erotica: Courtney Milan
Young Adult: Amanda Hocking
Middle Grade: Taran Matharu

For more information about the BookLife Prize in Fiction, check out all the quarterfinalists and public entries.