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November 7, 2022

Though readers might expect the supernatural experiences in Jorgensen’s debut to give the book a serious tone, the author describes it as a “fun and inspirational read.” We spoke with Jorgensen about why he thinks he has so many supernatural encounters, how he handles the negativity that comes with others’ disbelief, and his future writing. 

What’s the story behind this book?

The events I recount in the book are actual life experiences I’ve had with a variety of paranormal and miraculous phenomena over a span of decades that have affected both me and those around me. After sharing some of the miracles and ghost encounters of my life, people would say “you should write a book”; ultimately, I felt spiritually compelled to write it.

Why do you think these experiences are concentrated on you?

I was born breech and choked to death on the umbilical cord. I had to be resuscitated. Basically, I was born on the other side. My maternal grandmother always said that being born dead connected me with forces beyond the veil, which might explain the ghostly encounters, but I believe undeniable faith in God is the reason for the miracles that occurred in my life. 

How do you handle the skepticism that comes with these types of encounters? 

Skepticism is something that even I feel, though I’m the one who experienced—and continues to experience—the events described in the book, so I manage other people’s skepticism with compassion and understanding. I’m willing to teach what I have learned when skeptics are open-minded, but I understand when they cannot accept things. I’ve known many skeptics who have had their minds changed by their own inexplicable encounters.

What is the one thing you most want to tell readers about your book?

Don’t Thank the Messenger is written in an easy-to-read format, and from the kind reviews, I can say it contains some laughs, some tears, and a message of hope. Each chapter is like a short story, with the given decade identified, from the 1960s to the present day. You may find within its pages a reflection of your own life stories. This book is not a horror tale or ghost story; it’s much more. My life has included an assortment of divine interventions, typically not for my benefit. I know there is hope and beauty beyond the limits of our life here on Earth, and I try to share what I have experienced in order to provide evidence of that. It’s up to the reader to find their specific message.

Do you think you’ll write another book?

In fact, I have already written or outlined other books. One of them, Child of Light, is complete and in the editing stage. It’s the first of a three-book series, set thousands of years from now, about a group of whimsical philosophers searching for a child of prophecy to help combat a foretold evil who, unbeknownst to the philosophers, is also looking for that child. This is a fantastic and fun-filled adventure with lots of action and lovable characters. My other works are of various genres: comedic prose based on actual experiences (including gangsters and the govern­ment); a faith-based collection of enlightening short stories; the struggles and heartaches of a brave single mom; and a pseudo-zombie apocalyptic novel written in an uplifting inspirational prose. There is also a sequel in the works to Don’t Thank the Messenger. So, yes, I am definitely writing other books. What I need to do is find a literary agent.