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November 18, 2022

Crandall’s latest romance, Could It Be You?, centers on a former Chicago police detective and an EMT. BookLife Reviews said that “contemporary romance fans will enjoy this pairing of crime drama and passion.”

Could It Be You? is the final book in the Love in Dunes Bay series. How did you initially conceive of the series?

Before I started the first book, I’d written romantic suspense books and a paranormal series. I wanted to try writing women’s fiction/contemporary romance. I wanted to explore unhealthy relationships and learning to individuate. I loved writing a female main character who was solid in her profession but shaky in living a life that fit her values and beliefs, primarily due to overbearing parents. Writing about a runaway bride seemed perfect for portraying a woman who is breaking out of her life as it is. The main male character was so fun to write, too, because he was her opposite, but he had problems to face as an investigative reporter. The two came together to help each other and find true love that is accepting and respectful. The first book naturally led to the others because there were three brothers and two sisters. The story of the two sisters and their parents wasn’t done, so I wrote the second book, Meant to Be You, using a second brother as the male main character, followed by a story about the third brother with an outsider female main character.

You’ve been writing fiction for several years. Has your writing process changed over time?

My writing process has evolved to take risks. I started out writing as a journalist, so I had good research and journalistic writing skills, but I felt unauthorized to write fiction. It was my form of imposter syndrome. I shied away from tough topics and didn’t let my voice show up in my writing. I now am confident in my writing and have the authority to define myself. For me, writing has been a path of personal development, and that is what I seek while working on projects.

Why do you think the romance genre is so popular?

Many readers enjoy happy endings, and typically romance novels give them that—or at least a happy-for-now. I personally like exploring relationships and following the development of individual characters and their love interests. Of course, some readers dismiss the romance genre as fluff or smut, but I don’t see it that way. Romance authors work hard for integrity in their books, and most write intimate scenes because that aspect is important in relationships.

You write fantasy, contemporary, and paranormal romances, among other things. Do you have any tips for authors who are trying to write in different genres?

My tip to authors would be to do what feels right for you. Writing has been a path of personal development for me, and that is where I find satisfaction. I want to challenge myself and try new things. So if an author is inclined to explore genres, I would suggest learning what their attraction to a particular genre is and going for it only if it’s something they want to do.

When can readers expect your next book?

I am just finishing up my work in progress and plan to release the book in mid-November. It is a sci-fi romance titled Love Between Universes. It’s a little different from other sci-fi books, and that’s how I wanted it be.