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November 28, 2016

Six novels were named finalists for the BookLife Prize in Fiction. Selected by six award-winning and bestselling authors, the finalists are:

General Fiction

First, You Swallow the Moon by Kipp Wessel    

"First, You Swallow the Moon is a tender exploration of the isolation and wildness of grief, and the way it returns us to our animal selves. The moody, magical backdrop of the frozen Montana forests and Jack’s slow, painful retreat from the human world create a vivid and memorable story for anyone who has suffered heartbreak and loss." -- Eleanor Brown


Cloister by TJ Slee

“Highly original, well-written, with an engaging, sparkplug of a heroine in Security Service agent-turned-novitiate Charlie Jones. There’s a little Lisbeth Salander, a little Stephanie Plum, but Slee creates a world that is unique, immersive, and above all fun to lose yourself in. By the time I finished reading Cloister, I wanted to start from the beginning with Charlie Jones’s first story, and was eager to see what comes next.” -- Jason Pinter

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

The Vanirim by TJ Slee

"I devoured The Vanirim in a single sitting, pulled in initially by the vision of life on Earth after an interdimensional alien invasion and driven forward by the twisty and mind-bending plot, centered on an enigmatic and compelling main character. This is a book of mysteries and wonders." -- Tim Pratt


Not Flowers, but Love by Krys Batts

"In Not Flowers, but Love, Krys Batts movingly describes the emotional journey of Jamie Dubois, an energy executive who has devoted her life to her career. Her diversions are her family, who she loves dearly, and a weekend fling named Ken who lives out of town. When Ken moves to her hometown, and takes a job as VP at her company, Jamie is forced to come to terms with the emotional distance that she struggles to maintain. The author's voice subtly mirrors Jamie's awakening, starting as professional and distant, and gaining warmth and color as the book moves on. With a solid cast of family and friendship, Batts shows love in all its nuances, from first blush to moving on. This is a romance for every woman who has ever given up on love." -- Courtney Milan

Young Adult

Riven by Jane Alvey Harris

"Riven is a beautiful, magical story about family, love, and overcoming the demons that haunt us, wrapped in an enchanting world where reality blends with the magic of the fae. Seventeen-year-old Emily lives in Texas and is struggling to care for her younger siblings, navigate her first romance(s), and discovering a secret world of fae that she never she was a part of. As Emily tries to make sense of everything and protect herself and those she loves, the painful ending highlights the resilience and strength that can come from within." -- Amanda Hocking

Middle Grade

Crushing the Red Flowers by Jennifer Kaplan

"Never before have I read a piece of fiction that felt so true. This deeply powerful and poignant book is an important addition to world literature." -- Taran Matharu

The grand-prize winner will be announced on January 23. For more information about the BookLife Prize in Fiction, check out all the semifinalists, quarterfinalists, and public entries.