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February 27, 2017
Our monthly look at some of the best-reviewed self-published titles from BookLife authors.

In this month’s roundup of the best-reviewed self-published titles, we highlight a resource for the wives of wounded warriors and a horror novel about a resurrected metal band, as well as a romance, a thriller, and some literary fiction.


Mike Baron

Plot: In Baron’s horror novel, when the dead members of a notorious satanic metal band return to life and the stage, the son of the group’s drummer teams up with a reporter to uncover the grisly truth.

PW’s Takeaway: Horror buffs and metal fans will marvel at every grinding detail in this meaty, grim fantasy.

Comparable Titles: The Armageddon Rag, The Returned

Sample Line: “There was no escaping the banshee screams, a high-pitched atavistic vibration that shook the spine like a rag doll.”

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Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife

Barbara K. McNally

Plot: Physical therapist McNally’s stories describe the bitter joy that comes with being a wife of a wounded military service member.

PW’s Takeaway: After more than a decade of Americans fighting battles on multiple fronts, this is a deeply necessary and poignant offering.

Comparable Titles: Once a Warrior Always a Warrior, Afterwar, What Have We Done

Sample Line: “Walking away from your partner can feel like a profound betrayal, but sometimes it’s the only choice that remains.”

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The Dining Car

Eric Peterson

Plot: A football star turned dining car bartender journeys across the country and finds himself.

PW’s Takeaway: Inspires dreams of savoring decadently elaborate foods and drinking fine wines and specialty cocktails.

Comparable Titles: The Nero Wolfe series

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Coming Out

Seven Slade

Plot: This comedy of sexual misinterpretation follows lifelong friends as they navigate love and sexuality in their small hometown.

PW’s Takeaway: Bittersweet fun... This charming story will win readers’ hearts.

Comparable Titles: Losing It

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The Hunting Ground

Jean Heller

Plot: Chicago journalist Deuce Mora investigates the mystery surrounding a child trafficking ring.

PW’s Takeaway: Heller crafts a tightly constructed mystery featuring a protagonist of tremendous empathy.

Comparable Titles: Red Wolf, Behind Closed Doors

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