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April 23, 2018
Our monthly look at some of the best first lines from titles by BookLife authors.

April brings domestic violence, dirty underwear, and dead fathers. To submit a first line, email

Keys to the Truculent Me by John Branning

“This morning my sleep was ended not by the ringing of the alarm clock but by my wife Carol punching me in the nose.”

Requiem by Lauren E. Rico

“Watching my father die isn’t nearly as entertaining as I thought it would be.”

Djinn by Sang Kromah

“Imagine not being able to tell whether it’s you or the person beside you who’s schizophrenic.”

What It Is by Kit Sergeant

“Contrary to what my mother always taught me, it’s not really necessary to wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident.”

The End of the Curse by William Stanish

“The Chicago fans had waited for one hundred plus eight years for the Cubs to banish demons, curses, and untold tears.”

Practice Makes Purpose by C. Paul Schroeder

“This is a book about how to love.”