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June 26, 2018
Our recap of the best-reviewed self-published titles from BookLife authors.

In this month’s roundup of the best-reviewed BookLife titles, we highlight a romance about starting over, a family saga about childhood trauma, and a visual homage to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

All This Time by Melissa Tagg

Synopsis: Tagg crafts a beautiful romance—about a convicted felon looking for a new life and finding love—that is filled with humor, mystery, and heartfelt emotion.

PW’s Takeaway: Tagg’s moving story beautifully explores themes of redemption and the nature of home.

Comparable Title: Karen Kingsbury’s To the Moon and Back

Sample Line: “By inviting Bear to join them in Brazil, Annie’s parents had given his life meaning, made it possible to believe a man really could erase all that was behind him.”

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Secrets and Shadows by Roberta Silman

Synopsis: This family saga delves into the reverberations of childhood trauma.

PW’s Takeaway: Readers looking for the intersection of the historical and the personal will be rewarded.

Comparable Title: Julian Barnes’s The Noise of Time

Sample Line: “So many years, so many daily habits, and then they are adults and gone. Sometimes she can hardly remember all the books before bed, the sore throats, the childhood diseases; often it is a shadowy mist, then a dream, or a moment like this when it will spring to life, as vivid as it once was.”

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Pride and Prejudice by Ellie Fabe

Synopsis: Collagist Fabe adds flair to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with 39 original illustrations that accompany the text.

PW’s Takeaway: Tinged with irony and social commentary... A sweet and visually appealing homage...

Comparable Titles: The Candlewick Illustrated Classics series

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Retreads by Steve Hobbs

Synopsis: Adventurers in a parallel universe must find their way back to Earth.

PW’s Takeaway: Fans of love everlasting combined with fights for survival will be completely captivated by Hobbs’s twisty narrative.

Comparable Title: Jack Finney’s Time and Again

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One More Night by Rebecca Hunter

Synopsis: Hunter takes readers from Stockholm to Paris on a sensual journey in this scrumptious contemporary romance.

PW’s Takeaway: A page-turner filled with vivid sex scenes and intense emotion.

Comparable Titles: Simona Ahrnstedt’s High Stakes series

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