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December 16, 2018
Our monthly look at some of the best first lines from BookLife authors.

To round out 2018, we’ve got brave girls, an abundance of blood, and murder. To submit a first line, email

A Bullied Reunion by Chris Ponici

“There is no greater high than the moment just before you kill a human being.”

The Flute Player from Urumqi by Jeffrey L. Carnett

“They call my father a terrorist.”

Evelyn Marsh by Scott Clemens

“Evelyn’s first murder was an accident.”

The Obsession by Dawn Brotherton

“There was so much blood.”

Brainwashed by Paul Aertker

“Lucas Benes lay in a sleeping bag on the roof of his father’s hotel, dreaming about a past he couldn’t remember.”

The Castle Blues Quake by Linda Covella

“Man, that girl don’t scare, not easy, anyhow.”