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February 27, 2017
Deborah Bradseth of Tugboat Design tackles the cover redesign for a romance novel by indie author Rozsa Gaston.

This month, Deborah Bradseth at Tugboat Design reimagines the cover of Rozsa Gaston’s romance Dog Sitters. Gaston called the redesign a "home run," adding: "[Bradseth] was fast to turn things around, responsive, and clear when she disagreed with something I suggested. She explained her rationale for every image placement and every text font. She was easy to work with and delivered professional results. Without question, I will use her for my next book."

See Bradseth’s design notes below.

Design Note #1: The original cover lacked a focal point and elements competed for attention. In redesign, the title became the focal point.

Design Note #2: Movement in design helps direct attention. The line extending from the s draws the eye to the subtitle, silhouettes, and author name. The movement within the silhouettes draws the eye to the title, sky, and blurb.

Design Note #3: A rookie mistake is the use of drop shadow on text. The original design used it, but the redesign does not—and it’s not only readable at thumbnail size, but eye catching as well.

Design Note #4: The happy couple and dog let readers know the book’s genre and tone. You know it’s a sweet romance and the dog plays an important role.