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April 25, 2017
Tugboat Design's Deborah Bradseth reimagines the cover of 'Misdiagnosed.'

This month, Deborah Bradseth at Tugboat Design reimagines the cover of Misdiagnosed by Nika C. Beamon, who said of the new cover, “I couldn’t be more thrilled.” See Bradseth’s new cover art and design notes below.

Design Note #1: The redesign highlights parallels with the TV show House by using a man with a cane to represent Dr. Gregory House.

Design Note #2: Readers are more likely to have emotional reactions to the new cover, which features a woman in the hospital, as opposed to the original, which featured a stethoscope.

Design Note #3: The title and subtitle were hard to read at thumbnail size on the original, so in the redesign, I made sure they are prominent and eye-catching.

Design Note #4: The black, orange, and blue color scheme is eye-catching and sets the tone for the story.

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