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May 1, 2014

According to the American Library Association, there are over 120,000 libraries nationwide.  The library market accounts for over $11 billion.

From June 25-30, more than 30,000 librarians, library directors, and library representatives will gather in San Francisco for the American Library Association Annual conference -- the largest gathering of the library field in the world.  Attendees use their time at the conference to learn about new initiatives and technology available to libraries, and discover new books to acquire.

Through our partnership with Combined Book Exhibit, you can have your book onsite at the ALA Annual Conference, in a prime location, with a discount for BookLife members.  Participation starts at just $189 per title and includes your book and/or e-book on display in Combined Book Exhibit's booth, along with your book information and your contact information included in the CBE printed and online catalogs.  After the conference is over, you'll receive an official report from Combined Book Exhibit, along with the names and contact information of visitors to its booth so you can conduct your own follow-up marketing efforts.

If you'd like to participate in The American Library Association Annual Conference, or any other event this year, log into your BookLife profile, select the project you'd like to enter into the fair, and complete the registration form.

For more on how libraries buy books, read our brief overview of the library market here, and check out Publishers Weekly's coverage on the value of libraries as marketing tools for your books here.