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May 16, 2014
'Publishing 101' is an indispensable primer for anyone getting started in publishing.

So, you’ve written your book. Now what? Should you find an agent or go directly to a publisher? Should you go DIY and publish your book yourself? If you do go it alone, which platform is best for you, and how do you get your book reviewed? All of these questions, and more, are answered in Publishing 101: The Publishers Weekly Introduction to Publishing and Self-Publishing, a new e-book that aims to demystify the publishing process.

Rachel Deahl, a veteran journalist with over a decade of experience covering the publishing industry, offers readers a real-world take on what actually happens on the road to publication, and what writers can expect as they pursue their publishing dreams, either through a traditional publishing deal or via one of the many self-publishing options available today. Among the topics discussed:

•    What to really expect from your agent, editor, publicist and publishing house.
•    What writers should and should not have in their publishing contract.
•    The pros and cons of various digital self-publishing platforms.
•    How to get your self-published book distributed and reviewed.
•    Success stories from self-published authors, and their own hard-won advice.

Publishing 101 is an indispensable primer for anyone getting started in publishing. Produced by Publishers Weekly, the publishing industry’s trusted news source since 1872, Publishing 101 offers a no-nonsense perspective on how publishing works, and what writers can do to make their own projects take off.

Early praise:

"This is the first book every aspiring author should read. -- Hugh Howey, bestselling author of Wool"
"This is the first book every aspiring author should read. Even readers and booksellers who are curious about the ins and outs of the modern publishing industry owe it to themselves to pick this up. Brilliantly written, wide-ranging without getting bogged down in details, and loaded with harsh truths that will help new authors manage their expectations (you'll do your own marketing; midlist advances are dead; few fiction writers earn a living from their work; co-op and bestseller lists aren't what most people think; and so many more). Highly recommended." -Hugh Howey, bestselling author of Wool

“Rachel Deahl is a preeminent authority on the subject of first-time authors breaking into trade publishing or the self-publishing sphere. Readers looking for a publishing how-to book could have no better author and publishing coach in their corner than Deahl. Publishing 101 will be a mainstay for book publishing curriculums and the desk drawers of aspiring authors.” -Robert Gottlieb, Chairman of the Trident Media Group literary agency
"This is a clear, smart, superb guide to both sides of modern publishing, which is sure to be of use to authors no matter which direction they're leaning." -Ted Weinstein, literary agent and founder of Ted Weinstein Literary Management
"Rachel Deahl has had boots on the ground during the entire self-publishing revolution and offers tremendous value to authors considering their myriad options. From manuscript preparation to distribution to marketing, Publishing 101 covers all the bases of the publishing game and even offers writers a few new tricks to help them hit the home run." -Scott Waxman, CEO of Diversion Books

"In the continually disruptive and ever-changing world of print and digital publishing, Rachel Deahl's Publishing 101 stands out as a must-read for authors and authors to be. Publishing 101 is compact, accessible, informative—a remarkably  valuable publishing roadmap from an astute long-time observer of the publishing industry" -Roger Cooper, associate publisher of Rosetta Books

"I’ve been following Rachel Deahl’s articles and posts on a daily basis for years, and consider her an indispensable source of information on the publishing industry. Whether you’re an aspiring writer looking for guidance, a published writer weighing your options, or a publishing professional looking to understand this complex industry even more, this book is a prerequisite.” -Jason Pinter, founder and publisher of Polis Books

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Publishing 101: The Publishers Weekly Introduction to Publishing and Self-Publishing
ISBN 9781632958433, $1.99 e-book
On-sale date: May 20, 2014