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Memoir / Autobiography

  • Creatures of Habit: A User's Guide to Recovery

    by Shane Liston

    Rating: 6.25

    Plot/Idea: Creatures of Habit: A User's Guide to Recovery is a hard-hitting memoir of a drug addict who has recovered and who aims to pass on what he has learned to assist other addicts along their journeys.

    Prose: The prose is lively, but suffers from cliched descriptions and overwrought expressions.

    Originality: The first half of this work is a more free-flowing narration of the author's experiences of the prison of addiction. The second half draws heavily on the twelve-step program and Christian spirituality to uplift individuals who are seeking a way out of their own addictions. While not entirely novel, Creatures of Habit will likely speak to readers desiring to move forward free of drugs and alcohol.

    Character Development/Execution: The author writes poignantly and honestly about his struggles. Additional characters are somewhat lacking in their development and can often come across as sketches rather than fully realized individuals.