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I have a passion for the written word–and for making other writers’ works shine. Since starting my book editing business, I’ve been proud to help shape dozens of books in preparation for indie publishing that you’ll now find on sale as well as manuscripts eventually submitted to agents and editors. Below are just a few of the authors I’ve worked with as an editor:

Jennifer Bardsley – Everly Frost – Melissa Giorgio – Kelly Hashway – Stephanie Henry – Melanie McFarlane – Carol A. Park – Sharde Richardson

“Amy is prompt, professional, and blows me away with her expertise. She catches errors I read in my own work at least fifty times but did not see. Before I give my manuscript to my agent, I send it to Amy first for extra polish.” Jennifer Bardsley, author of GENESIS GIRL and DAMAGED GOODS.

I specialize in romance, speculative fiction, and contemporary in YA, NA, adult, and MG, but I’m open to manuscripts in any genre.

I have over twelve years of experience writing and editing for private clients, entertainment sites such as Anime News Network, and multi-national corporations such as Johnson Outdoors. With a YA fantasy trilogy that originally debuted in 2015 (The Never Veil Series) followed by several more novels (in the fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary romance genres)and time as an agented writer, I  also have direct experience with the publishing world.

Below are my current rates. I’m also available to copyedit web content and other business correspondence; contact me for more information. (The free editing sample is not available for non-manuscript works.)

One half of your payment is expected up front (via PayPal). The rest is due within 30 days of the due date, after I’ve turned in my work. I will gladly edit 10 pages (double spaced, size 12 font) for free as a sample of my work before you commit to more. All prices are in U.S. dollars.


I will read your manuscript thoroughly and correct grammatical errors and misused words. I will also highlight any awkward or unclear phrasing, while offering my suggestions for improvement or asking you to elaborate. I will not address any plot or structural issues with this level of reading. I recommend, but don’t require, that you’ve finished at least a first draft for this stage.

Novellas, short stories and novels: 1¢ per 3 words

(For example, a currently 70,000-word novel would cost $233)


Developmental Editing

I will read your manuscript in its entirety, paying close attention to developmental issues that may be present in my opinion. I will provide you with an editorial letter afterward addressing issues such as plot inconsistencies, achieving a compelling climax, and characterization. I will not pay close attention to grammatical errors at this stage, although I may offer some suggestions for clarifying awkward or confusing wording. If you’re stuck and haven’t finished a manuscript, submit what you have and I can help you brainstorm with my editorial letter. If you start with a developmental edit, I will offer a discount on copyedits after you’ve made the changes.

Novellas, short stories and novels: 1¢ per 2 words

(For example, a currently 70,000-word novel would cost $350)

Please contact me with any questions, for a free sample of my editing work on one of your manuscripts, or to inquire about hiring me for a project. Deadlines are negotiable depending on the length of the project. Rush jobs (less than one week but no shorter than three days after we agree to work together) require a 10 percent additional charge. Be advised I may not always be available for rush jobs.