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583 Orchard Rd,
06-01 Forum,

Professional Speaker 

Andrea T Edwards (CSP) is a professional speaker who is passionate, driven, knowledgeable, global, fearless, and forthright. Our times call for leaders with these qualities.

In her keynotes, Andrea aims to wake the world up to our enormous collective potential to make business and life better for all. She helps audiences find their voice and inspires them to own it and become a positive change agent in the world.

Andrea is a professional speaker for today’s social consciousness, a speaker for the future of work and how we can be more productive when acting as a unified whole, while challenging ourselves every step of the way to create better outcomes, with the decisions we make in our work and the choices we make as responsible human beings.

Andrea is an advocate for the future of humanity and a catalyst for change – providing intervention solution insights as an under-riding theme within her numerous keynotes, with the aim to make the world we live in a better place.

Andrea’s greatest passion is people. She has an uncompromising belief in the greatness of the human spirit and empowers people to step up and challenge the status quo.

The focus of her keynotes is social leadership and social change. Uncommon Courage underpins it all. 

When you own your voice, you own your future. 

Workshops and training

Workshop one: Exclusive social leadership executive workshops for the executive leadership team only. The time to book this is when your entire leadership team is ready to embrace the opportunity of social leadership, because executive buy-in is critical to transforming your business to a social leadership culture. Virtual workshops and one-to-one coaching available.

Workshop two: Social leadership for employees — empowering the people who know the customer… is for all employees who want to be powerful social leaders, regardless of their role or function in your business. All employees have a voice today, so it is time to give them the tools to succeed, because they are out there, speaking on digital platforms regardless. Virtual program available.

You will learn …

  • How to be a unique, powerful, and authentic social leader
  • Understand the value it brings to you, your company and your community
  • Insight into social leadership within the context of today’s digital world — includes tackling the negative aspects of social media
  • Content marketing — what it is, why it’s moving to the heart of business today, and how that applies to you
  • How to maximize your social profiles in minimum time
  • What other social platforms are relevant to you? What are the pros and cons?
  • Starting a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and more — defining your topic, platforms, tools, amplification, etc.
  • Where do you find great content to share? How do you create a process to ensure you stay committed? What’s realistic?
  • What does success look like? What’s in it for you?
  • And so much more…

Learn more 

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