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  • Reach over 20,000 bloggers, readers and reviewers on our email list (new bloggers and reviewers are being added weekly)
  • We will also post your book available for review on Facebook, GoodReads, Twitter, and World Literary Cafe.
  • Some authors are getting requests within 24-48 hours of their book being listed.
  • Your book will remain on our website indefinitely or until you ask us to remove it from our site.

Two Options For Handling Requests:

Option One – You Let Us Handle All Book Review Requests

You must have an epub file of your book that you can email us for this option.

Once you’ve placed your order and paid, please email us an epub file of the book. Unfortunately, we cannot convert a pdf or mobi to epub. We will need an epub if you want us to handle the reviews.   Your book will be available in protected format so readers can download it in .mobi for Kindle, .epub for Nook, Sony Reader, and iBooks, and PDF for everything else! Email the epub  to

(If you don’t have an epub, please choose the option to handle the requests yourself and you can email the reviewers pdf, mobi, or other formats as you wish)

Your file will be uploaded to our mailing list system and then converted to a protected format so that no one can share or copy the file.  Reviewers will request the file directly from us and they can download it immediately. Your contact information will remain private.

We will email you two weeks after we list your book with the number or requests for your book and then again after 30 days of being on our website. This way you have more time to devote to writing and marketing, and not to answering review requests. Keep in mind that because there is an added security on the file itself that we convert, reviewers, bloggers and readers cannot share, copy, or distribute your content.

Option Two – You Handle All Book Review Requests

If you don’t have an epub file of your book or if you prefer the reviewers and bloggers contact you directly, please choose option two. You will handle emailing the  reviewers and readers the book directly when they send you a request. This is good if you plan to gift your ebook directly from Amazon/Kindle, smashwords or other sites, if you plan to offer print copies, if you want to control who gets a  copy of your book or if you don’t have an epub file of your book. Just let us know that you prefer to handle requests in the field that says contact information for requests and we will list your contact information on the listing.

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