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Pitch Party eBook, Evaluation, and Coaching

Are you trying to get your manuscript published? Well, guess how I got my first publishing contract… through a pitch party!

Have you ever heard of pitch parties? They are where writers pitch their manuscript to industry professionals (think agents, publishers, editors) during a limited time period on a social media website, many times on Twitter. If the pros “like” your post, that means they are requesting your query (only if you want to query them- it’s always your choice).

There are many different parties, but I was successful through PitMad. I tried only two times and found my perfect match. I queried 5 months total, both starting and ending with two PitMad days, ironically. Even the first party I participated in was productive though because I got many likes from the pros. My hard work paid off! I want to help you to have the same experience. It takes some work to write an outstanding pitch, so why not let me help you? Keep reading!

So, even if you have never sent even one query to an agent or publisher, pitch parties are a fun (I promise) way to get you started. And if you have done them before, why not see if you can pick up any tips from what I have learned? 

When I was researching how to be successful in a party, I had to go to so many sites. Now it’s all in one place for you. You can receive the free tip sheet Top Five Pitch Party Points (info on website- For Writers page).

Also, I’ve developed an extremely informative eBook, Pitch Party Prosperity: A Writer’s Guide for Pitch Parties, with step by step instructions from writing the tweets to how to manage the pitch party day. I love to give plenty of examples of my liked tweets as well because examples always help me. 

And, if you want more personalized help, you can also choose a tweet evaluation package, where I will give you feedback on your tweet(s) you plan to use in an upcoming pitch party. I’m here to help you meet your goal, so let’s work together.