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Writers Publishing House connects our clients to their ideal audience with simple, effective marketing solutions. Founder Lizzy McNett saw the importance of delivering real business value with simple branding strategies.

When Lizzy begin her career in the Book Publishing Industry almost 18 yrs. ago, she felt it was important to create a tailored made strategy for each client’s needs. A cookie-cutter approach will not address consumer demands to attract customers based on business confidence.

For businesses to grow from a company’s value proposition, a solid marketing campaign must conform to the ever-demanding changes in the digital world.  Lizzy understands creating quality content to build organic followers, comes from a good marketing campaign that will provide fruitful outcomes. 

As a best-selling author of several social media marketing books, Lizzy delivers simple effective marketing solutions for businesses around the world. One of her passions is writing great content as she also owns Writer’s Publishing House, where she assists clients in fulfilling their book publishing dreams.