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No matter where you are at in the publishing process of your book, TSOMBIE Inc. can help.

Becoming an author can be a challenging and difficult process when you are just starting out.  Thankfully, there are several resources available to ease that process nowadays, especially if you are a self-published author.  There are also several publishing companies available that offer a wide range of services for new authors.  And with the abundance of choices to choose from, from who designs your book covers, who does your editing, and who does your formatting and marketing, deciding on which one to actually go with becomes a difficult task.

TSOMBIE Inc. is a publishing and media company that is catered to help new authors that are just starting out, as well as published authors that are looking to improve their book sales and grow their fan-base at a reasonable price.

TSOMBIE Inc. offers full service book publishing services, as well as book marketing and advertising services, all at affordable rates.

Send an email to to request more information and schedule a free consultation with TSOMBIE Inc.