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Ken Atchity

Editing, Art & Design, Production, Agent, Publishing

P: 323-932-1685

Story Merchant Books is your facilitator for direct publishing of your books (novels and nonfiction). For new and mid-career authors who seek an alternative to traditional or “legacy” publishing, Story Merchant Books introduces them to their potential readership worldwide, while simultaneously exposing them to the film and television story marketplace.

Story Merchant, affiliated with Dr. Ken Atchity’s Atchity Productions, LLC, created this “incubator of new and remarkable voices” to make the stories it selects visible to the television and film industries. Atchity has produced thirty films to date, with a dozen approaching production.

As a literary manager, Ken Atchity became increasingly frustrated by the restrictions and brand-focus of the traditional publishing community. Wanting to have a book to show to his entertainment financers, he created Story Merchant Books as an imprint in 2012. Since then, over one hundred books have been published and several of them are in late stages of film and series development.