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Shadowcat Editing



You want your book to be purrrfect - Shadowcat Editing can help!

Publish with confidence, knowing your imagery is bright and clear, the language flows beautifully, and every dot and dash is precisely in place. 

My specialties are genre fiction, particularly romance, LGBTQ, action thrillers, and urban fantasy/paranormal romance, and nonfiction in the areas of business, finance, and personal development.

Regardless of the genre or subject, I am dedicated to making your words sing! 

Manuscript Evaluations: Have you finished your first draft or two and aren’t sure what to do next? Want to know if you’re on the right track in terms of plot, characters, tone, and other big-picture aspects? When doing a manuscript assessment I’ll provide both broad and specific feedback describing what’s working, what’s not, and examples of each to help guide you in your next draft.

Copy and Line Editing: You’re confident that your manuscript is solid – the plot or subject matter is covered in a complete and cohesive way, your voice is distinct, your characters are vibrant and three-dimensional. Now how about that grammar and punctuation? That’s the job of a copy editor. I will correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, sentence structure, dialogue tags, and word usage (just to name a few!), and leave comments and suggestions regarding clarity, consistency, continuity, and style.

Proofreading: This final stage is ideal for work that’s been reviewed and revised previously, or any other document that just needs a fresh pair of eyes to do a final check for errant formatting, misspellings, simple grammatical errors, or misplaced punctuation marks that evaded the eyes of the writer and/or editor who has been working with it intensely. 

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