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Book Marketing and Publicity

Editing, Business, Distribution, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent

628 Kinvarra Place,
P: 703-431-7895

Book Consulting, Publicity, Coaching, Promotion, Film Options.

My name is Sherry Frazier and I am The Queen of Hoopla

I am known for my enthusiasm, tenacity, 'tell it like it is' attitude, for my passion for good work and my ability to make things happen.  I am great at helping authors to build their brand and extend it on social media.  I coach authors to help identify and implement a roadmap to take them directly toward their goals. Along the way, there are exciting ways to extend the author brand, initiate new revenue streams, and open doors to possibilities.   I work with authors to further develop and heighten their work, round out characters, punch up plots, add intrigue, and finesse dialogue.  I work together with my clients to establish the full circle of writing--from concept, through outline and first draft, edits, reviews, publication, and launch.  I work collaboratively with my clients so that their brand and the implementation of their brand is authentic and reaches out to their target audience. I set up media interviews, speaking engagements, meetings, reviews, endorsements, and write branding copy for web, social media, press releases, book covers, etc.  I love to work with writers who are serious and are ready to take their career to the next level.

Mostly, I am all in--whatever it takes, I am there.  No one  will ever care more, fight as tenaciously, work harder or feel more passion for my clients' work.  Call it my Danish background,  my inner sheepdog or a whole lot of experience.  I don't rest until we get there.  And I never forget I work for you--it is your book, your program.  Call me if you are serious about moving your career to the next level.