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Author Branding

Editing, Art & Design, Web Design

P.O. Box 9247,
P: 412-417-6329

Design Coaching & Consulting
Included with your first hour of coaching is a free branding guide (in quickly accessible PDF form) that includes all the questions you should ask anyone you’re considering working with to develop your brand, be it just your logo or the bigger picture.

Hire me by the hour or on a per-project basis to review and provide feedback and suggestions on your present logo, book cover, design materials, brand development, printing options and trends, and any other design questions you may have.

Brand Strategy
Cutting a clear path through the jungle of how one “frames” oneself as an author, individual or small business—as disparate and scattered as it may presently seem. Using an extensive query process, I’ll set the foundation and tone for your overall brand, even finding clever ways to bring all sides of you together under a single, unified parent brand.

Branding Services:
• logo design – Professional, vector art with usage standards guide

• business name or tagline design

• stock photo search (search/coordination of images for the pages of your website or for promotional materials such as ads and fliers).

• brand print design – business cards, letterhead, sales sheets

Print Design / Book Cover Design Services:
• book cover design – even if your book is not yet completed, having a cover design can be the greatest inspiration and procrastination-buster. I’m offering a New Client Special for January and February 2016. For these first to months, a professional, beautiful book cover can be yours for a flat $800. Please email for details:

• ad design

• brand print materials – business cards, letterhead, sales sheets

Art Direction
If you’re already working with a designer but are maybe feeling a bit shaky about providing feedback that will lead to the results you want, you can bring me in to review and provide feedback for each step of the design process. This is like having your own art director on hand with the eye and experience to help keep your project on track in both form and function.

Websites & Blogs
You can have a site, blog, or both completely built and available to the public within a week* if you have the building blocks of a brand identity including:

• business name that is easy to say/spell

• logo – professional, digital art in vector format

• url – a name for your website that ties into your author or business name

• content – written, edited, and proofed copy for the basic pages of a website, including: Home, About, Bio, Contact, Product or Service Info

• photos – A head shot to go with your bio and other images for other pages.

I would set up a site in Wix or SquareSpace, create the initial design working with a template of your choice, and teach you how to access and update your own site.

*even faster (rush) services available.

Content Development
Writing and editing to match the tone of your brand in a way that is unique, friendly, and unified with the visual side of your brand.

Image Development:
• custom designs and illustrations

• stock photo search (search/coordination of images for the pages of your website or for promotional materials such as ads and fliers).


Looking forward to working with you in the new year!