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“BRAINCHAINS. Discover your brain and unleash its full potential in a hyperconnected multitasking world”
Are you worried that you perform below your abilities and competencies at work? You are not the only one. 60% to 75% of brainworkers are convinced they under-perform. Lots of research agrees, but fortunately also shows that 4 of 5 major causes are within your own area of control! Based on 5 years of research, BrainChains explains the challenges and the solutions. The core message:you need to know something about your brain to get the best of it and of you ICT. What is your most important tool to be successful as a professional? Your brain! What do you know about your thinking brain, that's useful for an optimal intellectual performance? Next to nothing! The sad result: a majority of knowledge workers unknowingly ruin the performance of their magnificent brain, and obstruct the matchless potential of their brain-ICT collaboration (Information and Communication Technologies, like email and smartphones). In this book "BRAINCHAINS" you discover your brain, to unleash its full potential in a hyperconnected, multitasking world Taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the human brain you will also get the best results from your brain-ICT synergy.
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By Prof. Jan Bernheim on July 31, 2014

Sixty years after Peter Drucker’s 1954 The Practice of Management, BRAINCHAINS is a landmark and predictibly equally influential book. Why? Because it diagnoses how evolution, which is our past and our future, has overshot. Evolution proceeds by trial and error. Innovations that work are selected and thrive, but some, like IT and hyperconnectedness, overshoot and threaten to become runaway phenomena. It took Prof. Compernolle’s unique synthesis of brain science, expertise in human behavior and therapeutical skills to also provide remedies and to progress from Drucker’s ‘knowledge work’ to Compernolle’s ‘brainwork’.

Must read: your brain deserves it!

By Hans Janssen on July 21, 2014

Dr Theo Compernolle is by far my favorite expert in brain productivity, multitasking and personal effectiveness. His ideas are evidence based, yet practical. And his style is 'pleasantly provoking'.
Are you looking for ways to be even more effective in an age of infobese, hyperconnectedness and continuous distraction? This is the book to read!
You owe it to your brain ...

amazing book

By 4bozzza on July 23, 2014

In a few words: an amazing book. Loved reading it. The author knows very well how to explain this matter in an open end very comprehensible way. I look at my laptop in a different way now. Must read!


From all over the world

“… a compelling, meticulously researched, and cleverly illustrated case against the twin tyrannies of hyperconnectivity and multitasking… also shows how to free ourselves from them”   Nélida and Jorge Colapinto (Psychologists). Wynnewood. PA. USA 

“Read this book if you’d like to learn how to master information technology, rather than have it master you and letting it get in the way of doing your best work.” Prof Peter Cappelli. G.W. Taylor Professor of Management. The Wharton School. Philadelphia. USA

 “Eye-opener! A great read for all of us who are "juggling-it-all", work and family, and are interested in increasing productivity and get the most out of our brains AND our smart phones.” Marjan Inbar, Senior Communications Consultant, NY. USA

 “…Multitasking is impossible! Understanding and accepting this, helped me to refocus on tasks which matters and to rediscover my creativity. I used the short MULTITASKING test in my meetings in our global organization. It’s exciting to see everywhere the “aha”-effect, the epiphany!” Dr. Peter zum Hebel, Vice President, Manufacturing, Kemira Germany

  “… an easy to read “page turner”… which I feel everyone in the “connected” world should read” Dave Scott President  Barco, Inc. USA

 “…quite a feat to integrate  research articles from so many domains and  turn them in a very readable, inspiring, useful often surprising and even stirring book... not only the problems,  but also the solutions.” Daniel Blumberg, Principal and Investor, NY

 “…everybody keeps complaining about a continuous input overload. Yet the real quandary is: while we are continuously flooded by the breakers of redundant signals we do suffer from a lack of relevant information. In his new book Theo Compernolle describes and analyzes this state of affairs and its impact on our daily life and our habitual and creative performance.” Gottlieb GUNTERN, President of CREANDO - International Foundation for Creativity & Leadership, Switzerland

 «  … blending his best knowledge in medical sciences and leadership development to give us a real eye opener on how our brain is working (or not) in our new environment “. Serge Zimmerlin. Group Vice President, Human Resources & Communication. SGD Group. France

 “  The book was a revelation for me and helped me better understand why people do what they do in a health & safety context. An essential and  easy read for practical people,  who want to know how people work and what can be practically done to maximize their efficiency and reduce human error” Malc Staves, Global Health & Safety Director, L’Oréal.

 “Being filled all the time by all kinds of electronic information every day,  I often feel myself lost in this “ICT world”. How can we live and what shall we live as human? This book shows me a so powerful human brain ... Looking inside into my brain, I get my idea to have my life back under my own control, just like what is said in the last poem: Recapture time to love and be loved, it is the keystone of happiness and resilience: yours and theirs.”

Wei TAO, Business Information Manager of DSM China, PgD HKU in Information Strategy & Business Transformation