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"Escape to Misty Harbor, Book II"
Betty Cory, author
I’m seeking representation for my 50,063 word romance novel, “Escape to Misty Harbor” Book II, a romance that unfolds against the coastal bay-front community in Misty Harbor, Maine. This book is a sequel to my previous novel, “Escape to Misty Harbor”, which was published in 2021. These books are a trilogy of books on this Maine community of strong women that seek to continue the leadership of their matriarch, Maggie Beeker. I also wrote “Crabbing Days of an Islander’, published in 2010 which takes place in my hometown, St. Simons Island, GA and describes what it was like growing up on this coastal barrier island in the early 50’s, when our roads were paved with crushed oyster shells and we all walked to school by the beach, keeping our feet cool and our shoes safe from getting wet. Two of my main characters are: The gorgeous Lee McCormack who descends from a long line of lobstermen, keeps his nose to the grindstone focused on raising his daughter who still mourns the loss of her Mom in an automobile accident four years ago. He works from dusk till dawn to pull his traps, rebaiting and returning later in the day to gather his catch. He takes his daughter to a meeting every Tuesday night of the downtown women shop owners because he knows these women are providing the woman’s touch that his daughter is missing. Beth arrives in Misty Harbor after fleeing her abusive, alcoholic husband and sees Lee the moment she arrives and stops to freshen up before meeting a potential employer and art gallery owner. She is sitting at LulaMae’s restaurant lost in thought twirling her blond hair in her fingers without realizing how beautiful she looked to Lee. He also thought something was bothering her. They both turned and looked at each other and chemistry was in the air. Lee thought that Beth looked like she needed the same thing he did, someone to make them smile again. This book has received strong editorial reviews by Jingle Hice Davis, a retired journalist who worked for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for over 20 years, often covering South Georgia and the coast. She is the author of Island Time: An Illustrated History of St. Simons Island, Georgia and Island Passages: An Illustrated History of Jekyll Island, Georgia (both Georgia) and “Tabby Time” all three were published by the University of Georgia Press. She writes, “Betty Cory knows how to write characters who are fully-rounded, fascinating and altogether believable because Cory believes in them. These are people she knows intimately, like family members or best friends. As a result, when her characters behave in a certain way, readers understand why they do what they do because of Cory’s insightful treatment”. Thank you very much for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Betty Owens Cory 912 571 1047