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Every Facebook post and every tweet is indexed and stored. Every video, Instagram, and hashtag creates a digital footprint filed away for future use. We created technology without boundaries, never considering who, or what, would find a use for these moments that define our humanity. Maddy Smith’s father has died, leaving her with a mystery box—a puzzle of sorts—that she must solve. To uncover the message her father has left behind, she sets out across the United States to locate her father’s friends, a small group known as the Dinner Club. As each member of the Dinner Club offers clues and advice, Maddy realizes that her father had been teaching her a specific set of skills. While traveling, Maddy reunites with Jagger, her occasional lover. Jagger has a connection to her father as well—and his feelings for Maddy are as strong as ever. In a campground on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico, Maddy Smith will discover her destiny—and encounter a totalitarian future only she can prevent. Meanwhile, humanity continues to build a database of human behavior, one hashtag at a time.