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Barry Lester
"Oh Boy, We're Having Some Fun Now!"
Mr. Anybody, author
After surviving cancer and the passing of my best friend, I used my Covid vacation to finish my anonymous autobiography. With all the negative energy surrounding us today, I wanted to write a lighthearted, non-political, humorous and enjoyable book filled with color photos and illustrations. The stories are short and easy-to-read. If you don’t like the stories, I hope that you will at least enjoy the interesting tidbits sandwiched between. And, yes, that really is my First-Grade class photo on the cover. My book, “Oh Boy, We’re Having Some Fun Now!” by Mr. Anybody is a lighthearted collection of short stories – and more. These stories are the truth, not necessarily “nothing but the truth” – but are stories from my life in the way that I have preferred to remember them. Just the good and none of the bad. In addition to bragging about my family, growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, finding out that I am not even supposed to be here, lucking out with a wonderful life partner, working in television, hitch-hiking across the country and into Canada, teaching, experiencing Hurricane Hugo, working in North America and Europe – there is much much more. Try it, I hope that you will like it! The book is now available in the bookstore on These are the direct links: Print version PDF Ebook