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The Cool Thing: A Dark Comedy. Or Not.
Robert Rife, author
R.L. mistakenly buys a device taken from a long-ago crashed spaceship. When activated, it nullifies distance, allowing immediate access to the human staffed lab built above the wreck. A lab operated ruthlessly by Dr. Lillith Gaust, who has a terrifying history of failed species-splicing experiments. Not all her failures die; called Lab Spills, they’re abandoned in the toxic Waydowns. Occasionally one escapes, vastly invigorating the staff. Especially those who get eaten. RL’s girlfriend is snatched by a bestial Spill, and its intentions are a lot worse than dishonorable; death would be an improvement. Lovesick RL blindly charges to the rescue. Going in circles, running on banana peels. And the now activated device is missing, open, and soon to free Dr. Gaust’s countless abominations into the world. They are ravenous… and they breed.