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PM Pevato
"The First Coven" in Short & Happy (or not), an International Anthology
PM Pevato, author
SHORT & HAPPY (or Not) brings together authors from English speaking countries around the globe and a sprinkling of ex-pats who enjoy life in non-English speaking countries as well. Their stories cover just as wide a spectrum of subjects. Humor (or humour), light romance, science fiction, fantasy, memoir, satire, reflection, exotic locales … it's all here in bite-sized pieces. PM Pevato's contribution, "The First Coven", is written as an old fashioned folk tale. The story centres around three sisters whose mother passed away after the birth of a son. Aradia, the oldest sister, is determined to bring her mother back to life. The story is tied to the author's first novel in The Secrets of Snow Valley series, Firefly: Ice Born - Book One.
Anna, Unquenchable Reads, Goodreads

5/5 Stars

PM Pevato’s story was a very interesting read. The characters were created extremely well for only having a few pages for the story. Anyone who likes the paranormal witch genre would enjoy this story. It’s about a girl who wants to get her mom back from the dead. This one was one of my favorites from the anthology.

Anna, Unquenchable Reads, YA Book Blogger

Emma Holtrust, Goodreads

4/5 Stars

The First Coven starts off like a fairytale; once upon a time there was a farmer who had three daughters and desperately wanted a son. His wife delivers a son but dies during labour. This sounds pretty standard fairytale-ish right? But then there is a twist. The daughters turn to witch craft in an attempt to awaken their mother from the dead. That is not exactly the Grimm fairytale we are all used to.

And that's exactly what I loved about this story - it was so different. I expected one thing, but the twists constantly took the plot in a new direction. If you like fairytales and magical elements, you will adore this story.

Emma Holtrust, Reviewer, The Beauty of Literature

Megan (YA Bookers), Goodreads

5/5 Stars

The First Coven is the story of a young girl determination to get her mother back after she passed away. This is by far my favourite story in the book. Pevato manages to create an atmosphere much like those in fairytales and it was fascinating, magical and enjoyable. Highly original and entertaining. The writing is also superb.

Megan, YA Bookers and Goodreads Librarian