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D. Lynn Mickleson
"The Good News File - Hope For A Modern World"
Life has its problems and there are a lot of unhappy people in the world. Every day we face challenges in our jobs, home, family, and personal life. There may be bad things happening but there are also good things that happen on a regular basis. Every day we have a choice about what we think about, be it good or bad. If we focus our thoughts on the good, we will lead successful and healthy mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives. If we focus only on the bad we end up depressed and unhappy. This is a book about hope. It's a 50 year collection of inspirational stories and quotes that have helped me through the tough times and will hopefully help you as well. It will also show you the power of the human mind and positive thinking, where whatever you focus on can become a physical reality. If you liked the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series you'll enjoy "The Good News File - Hope for a Modern World". The Author

Dr. Mickleson has written an authentic, inspiring book -- especially useful during difficult times such as these, but the book is more than that. It is quite timeless and of value in the days to come as well!

The author has compiled a vast assortment of information he terms “The Good News File”. And what good news it is, full of hope and optimism. But what also makes the book so compelling to me is that Dr. Mickleson is very candid about his own personal struggles. I appreciate that level of honesty and it makes the book’s content all the more compelling.

The book can be read by picking and choosing topics, or just opening it up and reading a few pages at a time. But I couldn’t put it down!

I give this book a high recommendation. There is something here for everyone, and everyone can use the hope that is in The Good News File!