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Kelly Miller
"The Mysterious Disappearance of Mr. Darcy"
Kelly Miller, author
What secrets lie in Mr. Darcy’s past? During a summer sojourn in Ramsgate, Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy—an irresistible, eminent, and seemingly unobtainable model of an ideal gentleman. Following a whirlwind romance with Mr. Darcy and a blossoming friendship with Georgiana Darcy, her life is forever altered. When Darcy disappears under mysterious circumstances, the new Mrs. Darcy’s world is thrown into chaos. A friend of Darcy’s provides much-needed support as Elizabeth is confronted with rumours insinuating lewd explanations for his absence. Could any of them be true? In this Pride and Prejudice variation, a Regency mystery romance, Elizabeth cannot be certain what to believe or whom to trust. She is determined to find out what befell Darcy, but will the truth break her heart? TRIGGER WARNING: THIS STORY MENTIONS A PAST ASSAULT ON A YOUNG WOMAN THAT IS THWARTED BY A MAIN CHARACTER.