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Tread Loudly
In Tread Loudly, Kristine Cherek shares her experiences as a female professional in a male-dominated culture. Through her two-decade journey as a female attorney, corporate executive, and college professor, Cherek has cultivated a plethora of wisdom and poignant guidance to share about how to persevere in the biased world of business . . . and life in general. Cherek is here to tell you that, as women in the workforce and in broader society, you are not alone. She dispels the myth of “having it all” and uses personal stories and relatable examples to convey how you can― • dream big, • take risks, and • go for what you want. In this inspiring call to action, Cherek shines a light on the bias, gender discrimination, and inequities that women still face in the workplace. She calls on business leaders to make the changes necessary to level the playing field and invites you to join in the fight for equality. She wants you to be empowered to demand equal treatment and speak out against wrongs. She wants you to know, believe, and live the truth that you do not have to dim your light to fit into a predetermined role in society. You not only have the power to succeed in your car
Cherek’s inspiring yet straight-talking debut is part personal account of the experiences of a woman professional enduring microaggressions and bad advice (“The key to success … is to increase one’s grit level”) in a male-dominated work culture, part blueprint for transformative societal change, and part compendium of advice for women building their own careers. Arguing that women (and other minorities) have been at best neglected and at worse exploited in American society, Cherek picks up the call of economic equality and equitable treatment at a time when “only one in four C-suite leaders is a woman, and only one in 20 is a woman of color.” Sharing revealing anecdotes from her own career, which found her often disillusioned and feeling unsupported, Cherek takes on the myths (“There’s no such thing as having it all”), expectations, and systemic biases and barriers holding so many back while sharing clear takeaways for those coming up behind her.

“I should be able to succeed in the corporate world without having to disguise, hide, or abandon who I am,” Cherek declares. With crisp, sometimes pugnacious prose and a sturdy moral compass, Cherek points out clear wrongs—including “crude jokes, awkward comments, blatant stares at my boobs and legs”—that in individual moments it might feel easy to just let slide. Doing so, she now argues, legitimizes the underlying assumptions of the biased. Instead, Cherek makes the case that thriving in the workplace—and improving society—means being truthful and encouraging women to tell their stories, to dare to quit bad jobs, and to not blame themselves when “the world or the workplace is unfairly stacked against you.”

Tread Loudly offers catharsis and hope as Cherek urges women to be bold—and be themselves. She buttresses her observations with examples from others’ careers and the hard facts of the closing chapter, which notes how women still lag far behind men in business, government and academia. A former attorney, she makes a compelling case for change.

Takeaway: Hard-won insight and guidance for women in male-dominated workplaces.

Comparable Titles: Alicia Menendez’s The Likeability Trap, Elaine Welteroth’s More Than Enough.

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Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
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Editing: A
Marketing copy: A